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How to find trending dropshipping products?

Finding the right product is the most important step in starting a successful dropshipping business.

You typically need to do a bunch of market research and have a reasonable knowledge of what’s trending to find a dropship product that’s going to sell consistently.

But there are a few shortcuts that can help to increase your chances of success.

Here are a few proven ways to find trending dropshipping products:

Look at current retail trends and sell something similar or complementary
Use a tool like SaleHoo Dropship or SaleHoo Directory
Copy what other dropshippers are selling successfully. Tip: Search “free worldwide shipping” on Facebook and filter by ‘posts’ or ‘videos’.
Browse AliExpress for products with the “wow” factor
Join eCommerce communities and Facebook groups like I Want That

For more tips and tools for finding trending dropshipping products.

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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