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SaleHoo Directory vs Dropship… what’s the difference?

A common question asked among first time visitors to SaleHoo is “what is the difference between SaleHoo Directory and SaleHoo Dropship, and which is right for me?”

SaleHoo Directory is for anyone trying to establish a working relationship with suppliers of any type. Whether you are looking for wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers or liquidators, our directory of over 8,000 trusted suppliers is a powerful tool to help start or scale any eCommerce business model.

SaleHoo Directory is also the way to go when considering integrations. If you already have an eCommerce website established and need a supplier to integrate with it, our directory can help. Whether you are utilizing Amazon, Ebay, WooCommerce, Wix, or anything else, SaleHoo Directory can help you find a supplier that can integrate with your site.

Our SaleHoo Dropship program focuses solely on making dropshipping as easy for you as possible. Typically, dropshippers need to spend countless hours searching AliExpress or other low-cost online marketplaces to find suitable dropshipping products. With SaleHoo Dropship, you simply connect your Shopify store to SaleHoo and add trending products from AliExpress within minutes.

Naturally, you’ll still want to search for new products relevant to your brand, so our dropship tool helps you filter products by category, price, where the supplier ships to, delivery estimate, and minimum order requirement.

After you’ve set up your Shopify store and customer orders begin rolling in, SaleHoo Dropship makes it easy for you to process those orders. Rather than visiting each supplier’s website separately, we provide you with one well-organized dashboard listing all of your new orders. Here you simply click “place order” for the orders you want to process and you’re done!

If you’re looking to start a dropshipping business, SaleHoo Dropship is the simplest, smartest way to dropship. Click here for more information. Haven’t got a Shopify store yet? Learn how to set one up in a few simple steps here.

If you’re looking to start or scale an existing business, you can find trending products and trusted wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers or liquidators with SaleHoo Directory. Click here for more information.

Regardless of which business model you chose, SaleHoo has you covered. To further compare ALL of SaleHoo’s products click here.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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