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Labs data and metrics

SaleHoo Labs is a powerful data source for anyone who’s running an online store.

Where does SaleHoo Labs data come from?

The SaleHoo Lab uses multiple APIs to tap into the largest eCommerce websites from around the world, Amazon and eBay, to give you fresh ideas into popular niches and products.

The SaleHoo Lab crunches this data to provide effective and easy-to-understand metrics that you can use to base product purchase decisions off.

You are getting access to sales data that gives you a considerable advantage over your competition.

How reliable is the SaleHoo Labs data?

The data that we present in the Labs is very accurate and reliable, with most data predominantly being accessed through third party APIs (a piece of software that lets two applications talk to each other).

The data is coming directly from the online marketplaces so you can be confident that it’s accurate.

You may notice slight discrepancies between "Listings" and "Competition". Listings may be slightly higher than Competition due to the time and day the information was sourced and where you are located.

How often is the Labs data updated?

SaleHoo Labs is updated every 3-4 days with the most popular products. Any that are consistently popular will be checked every 2 weeks or so.

That way, we ensure that the information is fresh and relevant for you. We know how quickly product trends can come and go, so it’s important that you get the data as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the curve.

We also update the ‘Product Trends’ section each week.

Tip: It’s a good idea to set up email notifications to receive fresh updates on new product ideas. Simply set the filters how you like and then click the ‘Save Filter’ button in the top right corner. We’ll send regular product ideas, based on your filters, straight to your inbox.

Updated on: 11/03/2021

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