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Filtering and refining your results

SaleHoo Dropship helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for with advanced filtering and refining of search results.

Here, you will learn how to get the most out of your search for the ultimate dropshipping product.

How do I find products with the fastest shipping times?

Fast shipping is important. Customers expect it. However, dropshipping is not always able to deliver it.

That’s because suppliers are often located in different countries to your customers and shipping can sometimes take several weeks.

With SaleHoo Dropship, you can filter products and suppliers based on shipping times.

Filter by fast shipping times

We recommend setting your ‘Ships to’ and 'Ships from' location to the country where most of your customers are based (i.e. US, or China). This will produce more relevant search results than the default ‘Anywhere’ setting.

The next step is to adjust the ‘Delivery Estimate’ filter on the left of the page. The default setting is 0-30 days, but you’ll find thousands of products can be delivered between 0-10 days.

The other way to find products and suppliers with fast shipping times is by sorting your search results by ‘Delivery Estimate’.

That will ensure that products with the fastest shipping times will show up first.

Sort your search results by 'Delivery estimate'

How do I find products with a US warehouse?

If most of your customers are based in the United States, you may want to use a supplier with a US warehouse.

It’s becoming more common for international suppliers to have US warehouses.

To filter your search results by products and suppliers with US warehouses, simply change the ‘Ships to’ and 'Ships from' filter to ‘United States’:

Filter for products and suppliers with US Warehouses

Then, sort your search results by ‘Delivery Estimate’ to display the products with the fastest shipping times first.

Using suppliers with US warehouses can help you to offer faster shipping to your customers and avoid issues with customs and international orders.

How to use the search bar effectively

When using the search bar in SaleHoo Dropship, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your results.

To get more precise search results you can surround your search terms with quotation marks (“ “) in the search bar.

Use quotation marks for exact results
For example, if you are looking for detox tea, you could enter “detox tea” into the search bar.

That way, you’re telling the database that the words must appear as an exact phrase and you’ll avoid getting generic results for “tea” and other “detox” products.

Another way of finding exactly what you’re looking for is to try using synonyms for related keywords.

For example, if you’ve tried searching for “Air freshener” but you’re not finding exactly what you’re looking for, you could try related keywords such as “Air diffuser” or “Humidifier diffuser”.

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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