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How to fulfill customer orders

When a customer buys a product on your Shopify store, you need to fulfill the orders using SaleHoo Dropship Order Fulfillment.

All order details such as customer name, address and product are automatically synched to your Order’s page. You will just click the ‘Place order’ button to place an order to your supplier and complete payment in AliExpress.

How to fulfill a customer order

Go to the Orders page and connect your AliExpress account.

Once AliExpress & Shopify accounts are connected, any new Shopify orders will automatically sync to your Orders page.

Click ‘See details’ to review customer and product details.

Note: If the details are incorrect (e.g. Invalid address), you will need to change this in the Shopify order details page to correct details. It will sync the updated information in the Orders page right away.

Select shipping method from the supplier before placing an order to AliExpress.

After clicking the ‘Place order’ button, it redirects to AliExpress Orders List page and automatically creates an order that contains the customer details, ordered product, and shipping method.

Click the ‘Pay now’ to complete the order. You can also pay orders in bulk in AliExpress (up to 30 at the same time).

After you successfully pay for the order, the AliExpress status will change to ‘In processing’. You need to wait for 1-3 days before the supplier processes your order.

Once processed, the supplier will ship the product and a tracking number will be generated. This means that the product is Shipped to your customer and order is Fulfilled.

You can also track the shipping by clicking on the Tracking number available in your Orders page.

AliExpress supplier will also send confirmation email to you that product has been shipped.

To troubleshoot syncing issue, we recommend to check the following:

Unpaid orders: Only Paid orders will sync in your Orders page. If you create a draft order or have an unpaid order, this won’t show up on your Order list.

SKU is modified: If you update the SKU name in your Shopify store, the product won’t sync on your orders page. We need the exact original SKU to sync the Order from Shopify to SaleHoo. If you edited SKU, best to re-import the products to your store.

Products are not imported from SaleHoo: Any products that are not imported from SaleHoo won’t sync to your Orders page. The product should be uploaded from SaleHoo to automate the orders.

Updated on: 15/07/2021

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