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Using SaleHoo to Find Liquidators

Finding Liquidators with SaleHoo: Locate the best liquidators so that you can buy brand name products at liquidated prices to resell.

Buying through liquidators is a great way to resell valuable merchandise or find name brand products at steep discounts. Liquidation sales occur when a business wishes to get rid of stock and liquidize assets for a move, to clear out returned product, or when a company has gone bankrupt. We’ll show you how you can use SaleHoo Directory to get your hands on these hot items.

To find the right liquidator for you, you’ll start by first doing a keyword search for whatever product you are interested in selling. In this example, we’ll do a product search for headphones. After doing a keyword search for “headphones,” narrow down your results by selecting “liquidator” under the “Supplier Type” filter. Select any other filters that you may want to include to help narrow down your search.

We can see above that the filtered search request has returned 143 different items and 14 suppliers. From here, pick the item that most interests you and contact the supplier for more details. You can also select the supplier tab to only view suppliers, which can help narrow down your search further.

Once you’ve found a liquidator that interests you, it’s time to do a little research and contact them to gather information around current inventory, shipping fee estimates, freight forwarding arrangements, price negotiations and so on.

SaleHoo makes contacting suppliers incredibly easy. We provide you with the phone numbers and emails of suppliers, and have recently launched a new chat feature where you can chat directly with available suppliers. This provides a perfect way to keep in touch with suppliers while you are on the go.

And there you have it, in just a few easy steps SaleHoo Directory has helped you find a trusted liquidator for your business and made it super easy to contact them.

SaleHoo Tip: With over 8,000 trusted suppliers in our directory you are bound to find a supplier that works for you, but if not, reach out to our superstar Customer Success Team and we can help members perform a custom supplier search.

Updated on: 29/11/2021

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