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I didn’t receive my account details

The most likely reason is that our email to you has got caught up in your SPAM or JUNK mail filter. To ensure you receive all our emails, please make sure you have added to your safe or 'white' list. Here's how:

If you use Gmail:

Gmail's default settings will not filter SaleHoo emails. However, if you have changed your filter settings and you have not received any emails.

Enter your SPAM folder
Select the email by checking the box and select "Not Spam"

If you use Hotmail:

You need to add SaleHoo to your Hotmail Safe List. Your Safe List can be accessed from the left hand side of your Contacts page:

Go to Hotmail and log in to your account
Click the "Contacts" tab at the top of the page
Click "Safe List" on the left-handed side
Enter "" and click "Add"

This is completely safe, and you can remove SaleHoo from this list at any time.

If you use Yahoo!:

To prevent your SaleHoo emails being added to Yahoo's Bulk folder, log in to your Yahoo mail account and follow these steps:

Click "Options" at the top-right of the page
Click "Filters"
Click "Add"
Enter "salehoo" as a 'From header'
Select 'Move the message to Inbox'
Click "add Filter"

This is completely safe, and you can remove SaleHoo from this list at any time.

If you use Outlook:

Under the Tools Menu, go to Message Rules -> Mail Click New
Under "Select the Conditions for your rule," put a checkmark next to "Where the from line contains people."
Under "Select the Actions for your rule," put a checkmark next to "Move it to the specific folder."
Under "Rule Description (click on an underline value to edit it)," the phrase "specified folder" should be underlined. Click on it, make sure Local Folders is selected on the left, then click on New Folder on the right. Name the folder ("SaleHoo" for example), then click OK.
Click OK twice.

If you use other email providers:

Most email providers have a junk mail or spam folder. You should check this folder regularly to ensure that emails from SaleHoo aren't being put here rather than your Inbox.

It's also a good idea to add to your contacts list. If you are still having problems, please email so we can help you with your account details.

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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