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Analysing and accessing supplier information

You can access a supplier’s profile by clicking on a product or supplier in the search results page, or by clicking on recommended suppliers in the Directory homepage.

We recommend reading up on each supplier before making contact with them so that you have all of the relevant information.

On the main profile page you’ll find the most important information at a glance, including their location, a link to their website, an option to contact them via email or phone, and more.

In the ‘Quick Details’ section on the right side of the page you’ll get the essential details, such as ‘Supplier Type’, ‘Minimum Order’, ‘Ships Worldwide’, and ‘Years in Business’. This should give you an idea of whether this supplier is suitable for your needs or not.

If you scroll down, you can read an ‘Overview’ of the supplier, including ‘Is This Supplier Right for You?’ and ‘Product Range and Quality’.

You can click on ‘Product Catalog’ to view all of the products they have in stock. You can also see their full range by visiting their website.

The ‘Supplier Information’ tab will provide you with additional details around the brands and products they stock, and order requirements.

All of this information is designed to help you make an informed decision around the suppliers you contact and work with.

Choosing the right supplier is one of the most important decisions you’ll make and SaleHoo Directory makes this process simple, safe, and stress free.

Updated on: 24/03/2022

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