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How to search for brand name products

You can find thousands of branded products in the SaleHoo Directory.

It’s as simple as typing the brand that you’re looking for into the directory search bar and browsing the results.

You will find most big name brands by using the search function.

Finding Liquidators

Another way to find suppliers that stock branded products is by filtering your search results to only show Liquidators.

Narrow your search by selecting 'Liquidators' only

Liquidators are middlemen companies that acquire stock very cheaply through wholesale liquidations and closeouts, or when other stores shut down and liquidate their stock.

Often, these include branded products in brand new condition. They then sell this stock onto others.

You can filter your search by ‘Supplier Type’ using the dropdown on the left hand side of your search results page.

Supplier Information

You can also find the brands a supplier stocks on their profile page.

To find this information, click on a product or supplier from the search results page. Scroll down to where it says ‘Overview’ and click on the tab that says ‘Supplier Information’.

Brands stocked by the Supplier

There you will find a ‘Brands Stocked’ section, which lists all of the brands you can source from the supplier.

If the brand you are looking for is listed, you can contact the supplier directly to ask for more information.

Updated on: 30/06/2024

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