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Using notes, tags and saving suppliers

When you’re browsing and searching for products and suppliers in the SaleHoo Directory, chances are you’ll come across quite a few that take your fancy.

Thankfully you can save products and suppliers as you go - and it only takes one click.

When you’re on the search results page you’ll see a little heart icon in the top right corner of each product or supplier.

Click that little heart to save the product or supplier to your Favorites.

You’ll find all of your Favorites by hovering over ‘Directory’ in the header menu.

You can also save a supplier directly on their profile page. Just click ‘Favorite Supplier’ which is located above ‘Quick Details’.


You can also make quick notes about suppliers to refer to later.

Perhaps they stock a brand you’re interested in selling, or they have a warehouse close to where you live, or you just want to leave a reminder to send them an email later.

You can do those by using the notes function.

From the search results page, you’ll find ‘Add a note’ at the bottom of each supplier listing.

From a supplier profile page, you’ll find the notes section just below the grey box at the top with the supplier’s contact information. The notes section has a yellow background, which makes it easy to find.

It’s a good idea to also save each supplier you make notes on so you can find them easily the next time you log in.


If you’re saving a lot of suppliers, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Tags makes this process easier.

You can think of tags as a way of organizing your suppliers based on different themes.

For example, you could use tags like ‘dropshipper’, ‘US warehouse’, ‘fast response’, ‘low cost supplier’. Or by product type, such as ‘electronics’, ‘kids clothing’, ‘skincare’.

That way, when you go to your ‘Saved Suppliers’ you can filter by tags to quickly find the suppliers you’re looking for.

On the search results page you’ll find the ‘Add tags’ section in the middle of the supplier listing, just below the little shopping cart icon.

On a supplier profile page, you can add tags beneath the ‘Notes’ section in the box with a yellow background.

Saving searches

If you discover a search term that produces great results, you can save the search to use on demand.

From the search results page, click ‘Save search’ on the right hand side, next to the ‘Sort’ drop down.

You can access your saved searches from ‘Directory’ > ‘Favorites’.

Updated on: 30/06/2024

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