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Filtering and refining your search results

There are many ways to filter and refine your search results in the SaleHoo Directory.

This can help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Filtering Search Results

On the left side of the search results page you will find several unique filters to help refine your search.

Search bar and Filters sidebar

Product Category: You can click on one of 22 categories to produce more specific search results.

Supplier Type: Choose from Dropshippers, Wholesalers, Liquidators or Manufacturers. If you want to see products from all suppliers, select ‘Doesn’t matter’.

Select Locations: This is where the supplier is located. If you want to provide fast shipping options for your customers, you may want to work with suppliers located in your target market.

Ships Worldwide: You can choose to only display products and suppliers that ship worldwide.

Minimum Order: Some suppliers require you to place a minimum order to work with them. You can set a limit for the minimum order amount here.

TAX ID Required: Some suppliers require you to have a Tax ID to purchase goods from them. If you don’t have a Tax ID, you can select ‘Not required’. What’s a Tax ID?

Sorting Search Results

You can sort your search results using the dropdown on the right hand side of the screen.

Sorting search results

The default setting is ‘Most relevant’, but you can sort results by ‘Price’, ‘Newest’, ‘Oldest’, and ‘Saved’.

Refining Your Search

To get more precise search results you can surround your search terms with quotation marks (“ “) in the search bar.

For example, if you are looking for detox tea, you could enter “detox tea” into the search bar.

That way, you’re telling the database that the words must appear as an exact phrase and you’ll avoid getting generic results for “tea” and other “detox” products.

Another way of finding exactly what you’re looking for is to try using synonyms for related keywords.

For example, if you’ve tried searching for “Air freshener” but you’re not finding exactly what you’re looking for, you could try related keywords such as “Air diffuser” or “Humidifier diffuser”.

Updated on: 24/03/2022

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