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How to contact and engage with suppliers?

SaleHoo Directory makes it incredibly easy to contact suppliers.

When you visit a supplier profile you’ll see a big green button near the top of the page that says ‘Contact supplier’.

Click that button and you’ll be given the option to email or call the supplier. There will sometimes be an option to use WhatsApp or Skype to contact the supplier, too.

Options to contact a supplier

You can email suppliers directly from SaleHoo. Simply click ‘Send email’ and a new email window will open.

You can either type your own email or use one of SaleHoo’s Message Templates. There are several different templates to choose from, depending on the purpose of your email.

SaleHoo's templates options

If you use a template, we recommend editing it slightly to make it more personalized.

Chat with Suppliers

What’s more, SaleHoo has a new chat feature where you can contact suppliers directly from the search results page.

All you have to do is click ‘Contact supplier’ from the search results page rather than their profile and a chat window will pop up.

This means you can send off a quick message to a supplier ‘on the go’ while you’re still browsing.

You may not receive an immediate reply as suppliers may not be online 24/7, but it’s a helpful way to make a quick inquiry.

How to Communicate with Suppliers

It’s important for you to make a good first impression with a supplier. They get enquiries from people, like you, every day so it helps to stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few simple guidelines for how to communicate with suppliers to give you the best chance of getting a positive response:

1. Act like a professional

The moment you decide to start an online business, you’re a businessperson. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re a boss. Got it? Now it’s time to start acting like one. You need to exude the confidence of an experienced businessman or woman, even if you’re not. Refer to yourself as the operations manager or director. When you’re a newbie, you do have to “fake it till you make it” a little bit.

2. Know what you’re talking about

Use eCommerce lingo. Speak the language of suppliers. Know how long it usually takes to ship products from China. Read blogs by eCommerce experts. Understand how to order samples. Learn the standard process for payments. Knowing your stuff projects confidence and experience.

3. Know what you want

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve through your communication. Which products are you interested in? Do you want to know about pricing, availability, MOQs? Do you want to request samples? Have a clear purpose for your email and focus on that.

4. Don’t overwhelm with questions

Don’t overload suppliers with questions. All of your burning questions about extra fees, return policies, shipping etc will be answered in time. Your initial email is just a simple inquiry to get the ball rolling and build rapport. Keep calm. Ask fewer questions.

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Updated on: 24/03/2022

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